Waldo Jaquith, “Websmith”

jaquith.jpgA great story about Richmond Sunlight, which in the past six months has done more to open up General Assembly members’ bills and votes to public access than has been seen in the previous several hundred years. Maybe the publicity will draw the reclusive Sage of Charlottesville out of his shell. And maybe he’ll teach Kris and me how to wrap text around pictures.

5 thoughts on “Waldo Jaquith, “Websmith””

  1. That’s me — a real recluse, and it’s always so hard to find out what I’m doing. :) We’ll move on to Blogging 201 with you before long, and then you’ll be wrapping text like a pro.

  2. Del. Brink,

    Please pass along to me all information given to you by Waldo regarding wrapping text. I really should know all about these things, but, sadly, do not.

    By the way, I love this blog, and enjoyed meeting both you and Del. Amundson at Blogs United.

  3. Although not a member of the YouTube generation, I am so pleased that Waldo has made the legislative process more accessible to all of us. But on this “wrapping text around pictures” obsession of Bob and Kris, maybe it is best to keep 7 West as a more quaint and comfortable place for some of us traditionalists. Thanks, Waldo!

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